Francis Tucker - Farbenfrohe Bilder für Dein ZUHause

his colorful pictures are always recurring simple figures, which are only greatly reduced by a black line. The line, as a central design feature, gives its pictures the distinctive main content. An optical analogy to the American artist Keith Haring, who died in 1990, seem to be recognizable. However, on closer inspection and study of the extensive work, it soon becomes clear that Francis Tucker's pictures are about motionless and non-active main actors who acquire a subtle meaning in a color-intensive world.

Reduced to the essentials with a strong expression in its entirety. Cheerful mostly only at first sight. Characteristic of the painter's work is the diversity of his colorful expression forms in acrylic on different materials. Francis Tucker Styles is in PopArt and Streetart. The Art Studio from Francis Tucker is in Cologne - Germany where he lives also. His favorite places to live and paint are France, Italy, USA, UAE, England. Francis Tucker's works are available in the following Galleries:

Francis Tucker - UNIKATE !